International Students | Why Study Abroad in Northern BC?

Studying abroad is a great way to gain valuable international experience and broaden your personal and professional development. If you’re looking to study abroad, it’s hard to beat Canada and Northern BC boasts all of the best that Canada has to offer.

Northern BC offers a variety of programs, field schools, and co-op opportunities to help set you up for success after your studies. Our institutions offer world-class education and learning opportunities paired with an unforgettable Canadian experience.

Northern BC is quintessential Canada

If you value what Canada stands for, you’ll love the North. This is the quintessential Canada, with magnificent geography in every direction.

You’ll stand out here

Your post-secondary years are your time to explore your interests and discover your passions. In a smaller community, in smaller classrooms, you’ll discover more opportunities to stand out, to take on leadership roles and build lifelong relationships.

The quality of life is exceptional

In a smaller town, you’re never far from your college, your neighbours, or the great outdoors.

You’ll accelerate your career

In the North, there’s a high demand for graduates, and a smaller pool of qualified applicants. You can go further, faster.

Experiential learning

You’ll have unique access to industry and geology that supplements your learning experience beyond the classroom

Aboriginal cultures

Northern institutions are inclusive, diverse and culturally rich. They offer a world-class quality of education that is connected to Aboriginal cultures and communities.

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