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Welcome to Study North BC!

What if living like a student meant having it all?

Many of the leading post secondary institutions in Canada are in British Columbia, and within the province, the northern region of BC has the overall best quality of life for students based on affordability, student experience, scholarship opportunities, community and quality of education. 

What is Study North BC?

What if you could have the perks of living in a city, without becoming just another face in the crowd in your classes? Supported by the Province of BC, the Northern Post Secondary Council created Study North BC to give students applying for post secondary learning the opportunity to discover the impressive advantages of studying and living in northern BC!

There are 4 Study North BC institutions with campuses across the entire region. 

The Institutions are:

The Study North BC institutions offer a wide range of programs and learning experiences, ranging from academic to trades programs. If you would like attend a Study North BC school for part of your program, the BC Transfer System can help you transfer if you need to complete your program at another institution.

Student Life in Northern BC 

Diversity, inclusiveness and strong student communities separate the northern BC student experience from institutions in larger cities in the province, and living in northern BC on a student budget is more manageable than a big city. On average, rent in northern BC is less than half of Vancouver or Toronto! 

Life in northern BC doesn’t end after you graduate, the northern region also has the highest full time employment rates in the province. More than 80% of recent graduates report entering into full time jobs upon graduation.

Study North BC Stories

Community is an essential part of the Study North BC experience, and we are constantly inspired by the strong communities at Study North BC. We believe in celebrating our accomplishments, from introducing cutting edge new programs, services and facilities to supporting our alumni, students and faculty in their achievements.

Watch this space to find what’s happening at the Study North BC institutions, and discover life in the north!

Study North BC - Opportunity. Lifestyle. Adventure.